Yes, Free Crypto!

You have probably seen many Get Paid To schemes that promise instant riches with no work, but I tried some of these for months and most of them are simply not worth it. Even if you get hundreds of referrals, they quit when they discover it was some kind of a joke.

I did registered for a free wallet in the process and noticed a menu item to Earn Rewards, which I did by watching several short videos (1 to 3 minutes) on new coins they offered, followed by easy multiple choice questions about the contents of the video I just watched and in a few minutes I had earned enough in various coins that I easily converted into whatever currency I needed.

Watch this short video to see exactly how simple and fast you can have enough cash to jumpstart any free money plan in minutes.

This was enough to get me to decide on shifting my entire online focus to ways of making money online with no out of pocket investment, so I set up a simple website to showcase a complete plan that fits this goal.

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